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Websites need continued care. Software (like WordPress core, themes and plugins) needs to be constantly updated to keep your site safe and trouble free. You need to be able to add new functionality to support business changes and edit text and photos from time to time. Most businesses don't need full-time staff to manage website needs, but those critical tasks often become the responsibility of someone who already has other important work to do. That's why you need Website Care Pro.

Darren Hendricks

I am an artist and designer in McPherson, Kansas. I started hosting and maintaining websites in 2008 as a courtesy for my web design customers. I wanted to make sure that each client's site would keep functioning smoothly even long after it was created. My experience with web design, coding and website technology provides me with the tools to care for the technical details of your site while you focus on your business.

Get peace of mind with a website care plan. We'll prioritize your website maintenance, performance and security so you can focus on your business.

$79 monthly or $869 (one month free) billed yearly. One time $250 setup fee (waived with yearly payment) includes migration to our servers, setup and updating domain settings.

Website Care Plans Include:


The websites we maintain are hosted on our own dedicated environments using servers provided by Cloudways. This includes SSD drive, built-in advanced cache, PHP 7, and proactive monitoring.


Your site is automatically backed up offsite each day. We can restore a backup up to one week old any time you accidentally delete an important page or mess up a well-designed page.

Software Updates

We keep all of your plugins up to date, as well as WordPress core software and themes.

SSL Certificate

We'll install a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on your website allowing your site to load securely on HTTPS. If you need a commercial SSL product, we can install that for you.


We provide a built-in server level firewall, and install, configure and monitor a WordPress security plugin. This prevents brute force attacks, limits login attempts and enforces strong passwords.

Content edits and customization

Need a photo changed, address updated, blog article posted or theme customization? Our website care plan includes unlimited text and photo edits and 30 minutes each month for design customization or coding and development work. If you need more complex programming, design or customization, we'll provide an estimate for the project.

Monthly Site Wellness Checkup and Report

Each month we personally review your site for potential problems or conflicts. We review forms to make sure they are delivering properly, remove spam comments from your pages and posts and check for broken links or 404 errors. We also check speed performance and review security scans. We'll summarize activities we performed during the month and provide an update on current site software and performance.

Customer Reactions

"Darren is a man of integrity and always open minded to our ideas. He finds a way to make our requests happen within software and his knowledge is helpful as he suggests other ideas we might want to consider."

- Marlene, McPherson Eye Care

Tired of juggling website tasks?

A Website Care Pro plan is like getting a new team member devoted to managing and maintaining your website, freeing your staff for other important work.

One Simple Plan

Our website care plan should cover all the needs of small and medium-sized websites. If you have a larger site, e-commerce or other specialty needs, contact us to discuss a custom plan.

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Let us know a few details about your website using the form below. We'll schedule a meeting (in-person if you are in the McPherson, Kansas area) or by phone or video conference.

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